Depression and Suicide
Finding Hope Through The Word Of  God  

The loss of a loved one is hard, but the loss of a loved one due to suicide is especially painful.  My son Michael was only 19 when he took his own life. My world was shattered when he died. A life so precious, suddenly snatch by death in a way that is truly hard to understand.
My name is Beth. I am a born-again Christian. I took the death of my son especially hard because of my beliefs. Michael was raised knowing God but later left his Christian values, believing and adopting the views of his friends instead. Along with the shock of his death, I agonized over the condition of his soul. I have been blessed with a few good friends and a caring pastor. Their words of comfort were accepted with a grateful heart but it was not enough for me. I had doubts. And so began a vigil. I started reading my bible day and night asking God for understanding.

This website is the result of my wanting to know the truth. I used Michael’s experience, as well as my own so you can relate and understand. I put together a collection of bible verses to answer my own questions and hopefully answer yours as well. I take God at his word. I believe his promises stands.

I’ve written this site with survivors of suicide in mind, but it doesn’t just benefit them. This website is also written for young men and women and everyone else who might happen to visit. This website is all about HOPE. For those who are suffering from depression and looking for something solid to hang on to, THE BIBLE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS.  Let’s explore it together.

This website is dedicated in loving memory  
of the one I love

To my son, Michael