Depression and Suicide
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---My Bible is my companion day and night and through it’s pages, I found  comfort.  But as the days goes  by, I started reading other books as well. Since these books had been such a blessing to me, if I may, I would like to recommend them to you as well.  I found these books to be true to the Bible and I hope that through it, you too will  understand the truth of God’s promises to you.


As my reading continues, I hope to add more to this list.  Thank you. God bless you!


Holy Bible King James Version Study Bible


---My first recommended book is the Bible. The Bible does not contradict itself but for someone who had never read a Bible, it can be a bit confusing sifting through the pages.  This is a reference book.  It should help the reader gain a better understanding of the Bible.




When the Will of God is a Bitter Cup- by Dr Don Woodard


---This book is such a comfort to me because it is true to the word of God. When he was 17, Dr. Don Woodard best friend took his own life. His book is different in a way that he did not emphasize so much on his own experience but points me instead to many promises of God in the bible. Comfort and hope is drawn from God himself. 



Bible Facts About Heaven, Sweet Home of Departed Saints- by Dr. John R. Rice


---I wish I could give this book to everyone to read. The more I know about heaven, the more I longed to be there. Not only because my son is there but because it is such an awesome place. No sorrow, no pain and no more suffering. Heaven is perfect in every way.  And to think that God valued his children (who constantly sin against Him) so much, that He prepared for them a place so beautiful is just amazing. Please read this book and find out what your beloved, who is very much alive with God, is doing in heaven today. 



Driven to the Edge, A Biblical Examination of Suicide-by Randy Raynes


---I am encouraged to find a book written at length about suicide from biblical perspective. This book goes right to the heart of the matter. A must read for those who are seriously contemplating taking their own life. If you know someone who is overwhelm by their circumstances, please give him/her this book. It will give him/her  hope.  Also a good read for survivor of suicide.



All God's Comfort   -
        By: Herbert Lockyer
All God's Comfort-by Herbert Lockyer
---Isn't it good to know that God comforts us in every situation. God provides us with many sources during our walk in the darkness. Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, other christians. Even angels that we don't see protects. Comfort when you are in a shadow, comfort for broken hearted, comfort in sorrow, comfort in sickness. comfort when you are tempted, comfort when God's children sin. All of that is inside this book and more.